History of STMA

STMA was founded in 2000 with the goal of improving member’s lives. STMA helps its members maximize discounts on goods and services through negotiating collaborative and mutually beneficial deals with various companies such as Pepsi Co., Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and Dr. Pepper. STMA also prides itself on finding opportunities with several Texas based small companies to help support the economy of Texas. STMA believes in partnering with vendors to offer marketing and promotional opportunities that benefit the customer and member.

STMA has also partnered with many governmental agencies like Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio Fire Department, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and City of San Antonio to enhance relationships and voice members concerns. When STMA was established in 2000, the initial membership was around 80. Today, our membership stands at over 390 and spreads over South Texas therefore making it the largest association of its kind.

Collectively, STMA members support the local economy by hiring over 3200 jobs with over $850 million dollars in sales. In addition to being a good business partner, STMA has always believed in giving back to the community. Our partners include the Susan Komen Foundation, the San Antonio Fire Department, the American Red Cross, and American Diabetes Association, the Aga Khan Foundation, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance and more.